Briyana Estrada

"Dr.clapper is the best!! He has been our family chiropractor for years!! I started going to him because of bad migraines. Once going to him I never had another!!! Highly recommended"


Yulia Ovchinnikova
"Great traditional chiropractor. Dr. Clapper has X-Ray if someone need it, and explains well what is wrong and what he is doing. Very friendly and professional, fast and effective"


Candice Williams
"I am pregnant and Have been using clapper chiropractic. I feel great ! The adjustments really made a difference on my back pain. My baby was also breeched and after going he has now flipped!"


Jane Laubenheimer
"It's been many years since hubby and I went to Dr. Clapper, we now live in Florida. He cares about our health! I went to him, because of headaches..... haven't had a headache in 35 years or so! He's truly fabulous! Wish he made house calls!"


Sien Marie
"He's a wonderful chiropractor! He cares very much about your heath. His mantra is "pain is not a way of life". He is so right!"


Ellen Waz
"A wonderful & caring man... Trust him with my health as well as my son's."