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People in our society that suffer from chronic headaches caused by cervical misalignment can be treated successfully with chiropractic treatment. Our chiropractic approach is based upon correcting these misalignment's which effect muscles (tension headaches) or vessels (vascular headaches such as migraines) causing the headache. By treating the source of the problem and responding to the body's pain signals, chiropractic not only helps relieve the headache but is most effective in preventing a future headache.

Each individual's case is different and requires a thorough evaluation before a proper course of chiropractic care can be determined. However, in most cases of tension headaches, significant improvement is accomplished through chiropractic adjustment of the upper two cervical vertebrae, coupled with adjustments to the junction between the cervical and thoracic spine. This is also helpful in most cases of migraine headaches, as long as food and lifestyle triggers are avoided as well.

Generally, we see two types of neck pain cases. Minor neck and shoulder pain involve sensations of discomfort, stiffness or soreness. If these symptoms last for more than a day or so, occur frequently or were preceded by an accident or some type of injury, we consider it major. Physical, emotional or chemical stress can affect the frequency and severity of neck pain. For many of us, the neck and shoulders are the “weakest link in the chain” and so stress shows up here. In time, chronic muscle spasms set in. Which can lead to headaches. Some over-the-counter pain reliever might dull the pain, but it ignores the underlying cause.


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Chiropractors have helped millions of people with low back problems, often saving them from pain, disability, drugs and surgery. The chiropractor's purpose is to gently and painlessly re-balance and realign your spine to relieve pressure on your nerves, discs and muscles. Anyone suffering from a back problem should see a chiropractor to have their spine checked for vertebral subluxations. If present, the chiropractor will gently and painlessly correct the subluxation and release stress on spinal nerves, meninges, discs and vertebrae. If a subluxation exists in your body it must be corrected. This could make the difference between a life of ease, health and comfort and a life of disease, disability and pain. The percentage of chiropractic patients who were 'very satisfied' with the care they received for low back pain was triple that for patients of family physicians. Why are the results so overwhelmingly in favor of chiropractic? Because painkillers, muscle relaxers, Valium, braces, physical therapy and surgery are not designed to correct vertebral subluxations. Chiropractic is!

The goal of treatment is to loosen the adhesion between the muscle and nerve and allow the piriformis muscle to regain its complete length and strength. The piriformis muscle can become chronically tight due to an uncorrected sacroiliac joint problem, hip joint dysfunction or anterior pelvic misalignment (pubic symphysis). Chiropractic adjustments commonly correct these dysfunctions allowing the supporting musculature to return to a healthy and more balanced state. The primary goal of chiropractic is to locate and correct the cause of your problem. Treatment of the muscle alone will likely provide only temporary benefit as the dysfunctional joint will merely cause the muscles to become unbalanced again over time.

There are so many causes of shoulder pain, and it's actually something that we see a lot in our practice. Everything from poor sleeping positions to carrying heavy bags on our shoulders, backpacks in children, and then using handheld devices and computers for long hours all contribute to straining the shoulder. Shoulder problems are treated by adjusting the spine to make sure that the nerves that go to the shoulder are functioning properly, and also adjusting the various joints that make up the shoulder complex. The adjustments that we do are very gentle and very specific. It can go a long way to restoring normal range of motion and allowing the muscles to function properly so they contract when you want them to contract and relax when you want them to relax.

Chiropractic doctors have successfully treated mid back pain for over 100 years. Through the use of natural and safe procedures, chiropractors correct the underlying problems which cause and contribute to the majority of mid back pain cases. The main treatment employed by the chiropractor is the chiropractic spinal adjustment. This noninvasive therapy consists of a gentle, manually or mechanically applied force into the segments of the spinal column. Spinal adjustments have been shown to decrease pain, increase spinal range of motion, decrease muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, optimize spinal biomechanics, and reduce the recurrence of old injuries.

The most common cause of low back pain during pregnancy is a condition known as “sacroiliac joint dysfunction” or “sacroiliac subluxation”. Subluxation is a Latin term meaning “partial dislocation”. The pelvis consists of three bones that move thanks to 3 separate joints. Two of these joints are located at the rear of the pelvis (left and right sacroiliac joints) while the 3rd is located at the front of the pelvis called the pubic symphysis (a symphysis is a type of joint). As the pregnancy progresses more weight is transferred to the front of the abdomen. The mother must often lean backwards to counter this if she doesn’t wish to topple over! This constant, abnormal pressure on the joints of the pelvis can lead to significant dysfunction and pain. The most effective way to alleviate this pain is to restore healthy motion and alignment to the pelvic joints.
Chiropractic treatment is the method of choice to naturally correct sacroiliac joint function without the need for potentially harmful medication. In fact, studies show that 90% of pregnant patients experience relief for their low back pain following chiropractic treatment.


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There have been several large-scale research studies verifying the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for kids. Chiropractors have been helping kids lead healthier lives for over 100 years.

Here is a list of common childhood conditions that families have seen great impact from chiropractic care that you may not have thought of as chiropractic issues. Chiropractors do not necessarily treat or cure these conditions, but they have been shown to help in profound ways by treating the children suffering from them and enhancing their general health.
    •    ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorders*
    •    Ear infections
    •    Common Cold
    •    Colic
    •    Constipation
    •    Growing pains
    •    Scoliosis
    •    Bed wetting
    •    Breastfeeding difficulties
    •    Birthing Trauma including Torticollis
    •    Sports injuries